Auto Context

Auto Context 1.3.5

Customizable popup menus in Firefox


  • Context menus are totally customizable
  • Quick access to frequent tasks
  • Compatible with other popular extensions


  • Configuration settings are a bit hidden

Very good

Firefox is a great browser for many reasons, one of them being the huge number of extensions you can use to customize its appearance, improve its performance and add new functions.

Auto Context is one of those great extensions that are intended to make your life as Firefox user a lot easier. It enables you to open a customizable context menu on any selected word or text string, offering you a wide range of tasks that can be done on that selected text.

Simply select any word or paragraph on a given website with a double click and you'll get a customized context menu – different from the one you usually open when right-clicking on a webpage – featuring various actions: copy, copy as HTML, see source, search that word on Google or any other search engine… the possibilities are endless, since you can personalize the elements in the extension's menu.

What's more, Auto Context is compatible with several other Firefox extensions (such as Add to search bar or DownThemAll) which allows you to use them together and take advantage of their compatibility.

The only drawback to this extension is the fact that you have to go through the Tools > Add-ons menu in order to access its configuration options, something which could have been easily implemented in the icon the extension places on the browser's bottom right corner.

Automatically shows user Popup Menu if text is selected.

Auto Context


Auto Context 1.3.5

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